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It is our pleasure here to give you some information about our company!
We started our coconut business since the year 2000. We saw the potential of Virgin Coconut Oil and Coconut Concentrate and we knew that we just have to get involved with it. And we never stop since then!

And after the tremendous growth, the company Inti Food Enterprise was registered in the year 2004.With the success of Virgin Coconut Oil and Coconut Concentrate, we realised that there is a market too for the supply of Machineries for the manufacturing or processing of both products. We then started to source for the best Processing Machineries and later found the most efficient and unique one.

We are now one of the leader in supplying the Speciality Coconut Products as well as the best Processing Machineries for many kind of food products. We are now also embarking into producing Wellness Products like Aromatherapy and Spa with more emphasis on using the healthiest oil in the world – Virgin Coconut Oil! Click here to go to: www.coconutprocess.com.my for more information.

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Ms Alice Yow

Inti Food Sdn. Bhd.