Coconut Scrub is made from pure natural coconut concentrate. It contains the benefit of
Virgin Coconut Oil which is the healthiest and most versatile oil in the world.

It us extremely rich exfoliating paste. It will help tone, nourish and protect the skin. The
Exfoliating effects help to make your skin look fairer, smoother and softer. You can add a few drops of essential oil into the scrub to make the scrubbing experience even more fulfilling You can enjoy the aromatherapy benefits derived from the essential oil or blend of essential oils added.


Dose or amount to use: 50 gm – for whole body

Mix the coconut scrub into same amount of warm water. Slowly stirring the mixture wilol result in a
soft mousse. Then add in the essential oil/s as disired. Next apply the mousse all
Over your body from top to toe. While applying. You should scrub the mousse onto the skin surface to
aid the exfoliating process. Then leave the mousse on your body for about
5 to 8 minutes. Thereafter, wash away with normal room temperature water. You will instantly see that
your skin will look fairer or different !!.


Supplied in sachet form of 50 gm.

Coconut Scrub Presentation